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Welcome to the home of iTongo Tarot

Only when we are at one with self  are we able to be useful to others. As a Spiritual Coach and tarot reader I believe my objective is to guide, coax and reflect the options and opportunities that are available.

Live your best life, take responsibility for the choices you make. We are exactly where we need to be, learn the lesson - move on.


Robyn-Anne Pollard is a much sought after counsellor and coach. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, she runs workshops and coaches individuals nationwide.

She has a need to serve and believes it is her path to act as the agent of transformation to other people.

Her goal is to demystify the metaphysical, to make it acceptable and accessible to all.

iTongo Tarot for Transformation is an ethnic/cultural tarot deck, based entirely on South African myths and legends.    An indigenous knowledge system with powerful archetype images. MAIL ME iTongo Tarot Mail: Tarot