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Only when we are at one with self  are we able to be useful to others. As a Spiritual Coach and tarot reader I believe my objective is to guide, coax and reflect the options and opportunities that are available.

I use breathing, meditation and visualisation techniques to assist my clients. It is an honour and humbling to be a part of someone’s journey of transformation.

Live your best life, take responsibility for the choices you make. We are exactly where we need to be, learn the lesson - move on.

2015 has two influences.  The Universal Experience (The year 15 which relates to The Devil)  and The Personal Experience (2+0+1+5=8) Justice or in Waite/Smith system Strength (iTongo 11).

What does 2015 bring?

This will be a good year to handle legal issues.  Outstanding issues will be resolved, new issues arising will be easier to reach resolution, often with out of court settlements.

2015 is a good year for finances – things begin to come into balance.  New ventures are likely to succeed.  Promotions/increases are possible. If you have a dream then 2015 is the year to realise it. Keep it simple, direct and clear. This will not be a good year for anything covert and complex.

Body, mind and spirit. Pay close attention to health and care for your body – exercise and nutrition are key components towards good health.  Part of good health is a healthy mind and spirit.  Assimilate and adjust to the changes made in 2014. Watch your habits and addictions.

2015 is about abundance – make sure what you are receiving is positive.  Your balance and harmony will be reflected by those around you.

15 The Devil (Thikoloshe) in 2015. Universal experience.

This is the year where ‘our chickens come home to roost’. …  / More