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7 The Chariot - INDWE

The call of 2014 is to be inspired and fearless, to honour the warrior within.  We all have one. Inspiration comes when we are in control of our thoughts and emotions, but it needs space to manifest..  Imagination is the vehicle of destiny.
Walt Disney said, “
if you can dream it you can do it”. The challenge this year is to face your fears and have the courage of your convictions.

:: 2014 The Year Ahead ::

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iTongo Tarot for Transformation iTongo Tarot for Transformation


Tarot for Transformation

Welcome to africantarot.com!

Only when we are at one with self are we able to be useful to others. As a Spiritual Coach and tarot reader I believe my objective is to guide, coax and reflect the options and opportunities that are available.

I use breathing, meditation and visualisation techniques to assist my clients. It is an honour and humbling to be a part of someone’s journey of transformation.

Live your best life, take responsibility for the choices you make. We are exactly where we need to be, learn the lesson - move on.

Tarot as a tool for Transformation.

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Tarot is a visual tool with a symbolic language based on universal patterns, icons, culture, mythology, philosophy and ethnicity.  It is a knowledge system that works with the user at their level of interest and experience.  

Tarot can guide you through the internal noise or simply indicate options and opportunities available.  Although traditional tarot images come from the European Renaissance period, we can find their equivalents in African mythology.

African folk tales were passed down in a strict oral tradition.
The guardians of tribal history are called Umlando. It is believed that mankind began in Southern Africa, as you journey through iTongo, may your spirit recognise its home.