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- Universal Mind

- Universal Force

- Universal Substance or Matter

In its broadest concept iTongo (iThongo) means spirit. The amaTongo are the ancestors,  those who have died and  joined the spirit world. iTongo is ALL things, and ALL things are of it.   The manifestation of iTongo is threefold

- The iTongo Tarot is a tool for personal analysis and transformation.

- An indigenous knowledge system with powerful archetype imagery.

CARD BACK Online Reviews Tarot Canada West Cape News Crafting the Sacred REVIEWS iTongo Tarot for Transformation is an ethnic/cultural tarot deck,  based entirely on South African myths and legends. We now know that the Cradle of Humankind is found in Southern Africa.   As you journey through the iTongo, may your spirit recognise its home. ZAR 275.00  Excludes Shipping International Buyers Due to shipping costs, please mail me for a quote. I will raise an Invoice via PayPal for payment

What does iTongo mean?